Faster, Streamlined Service with Medical Facilities Automated Renewal Process

We are very excited to announce that our Medical Facilities team is implementing a new automatic renewal process to increase the ease in which you interact and do business with us. Available for select Medical Facilities accounts, this program replaces the current more labor-intensive process with a faster, streamlined approach.

How it Works
Accounts eligible for this program will receive a renewal quote 60-90 days ahead of the renewal date. Accompanying the quote will be a 'no material changes' letter with questions that should take the insured just a few minutes to complete. This letter replaces the traditional renewal application and confirms the insured remains eligible for this automatic renewal process. Upon return of the letter and confirmation of no material changes, we’ll have what we need to bind coverage and issue the renewal policy. It’s that simple.

Eligible Accounts
Beginning with December 2022 renewals, accounts meeting these parameters will be eligible for the program:

  • An expiring premium of $15,000 or less
  • No confirmed losses
  • Limits of $1 million/$3 million or less
  • Primary, claims-made professional liability accounts only
  • Deductibles of $25,000 or less

Although these accounts traditionally tend to be transactional in nature, the renewal process still takes time, and we want to give you some of that back. You will still receive the exceptional service you’ve come to expect from TDCSU and the Medical Facilities team. If you have any questions about our automatic renewal program, you can reach out to your dedicated underwriter, as these accounts are being overseen through the renewal process by them.

We appreciate your continued support and partnership and look forward to implementing this streamlined process for you. Based on the success of this program, we will be looking for ways to modify or expand the program parameters going forward.