Managed Care

Our experienced team provides both primary and excess solutions for a broad spectrum of risks for managed care clients; serving IPAs, regional health plans, national health plans, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield entities, all with flexibility and expertise.

Coverage Features (E&O)

  • Broad definition of managed care professional services
  • Duty-to-defend policy
  • Privacy liability wrongful act as part of the insuring agreement
  • Care coordination included as part of managed care professional services
  • Antitrust coverage available
  • Good Samaritan coverage included
  • Continuity of coverage maintained

Coverage Options

  • Management Liability
  • HIPAA and Regulatory sub-limits available
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Eligible Risk Classes

  • Health Plans
  • Health Maintenance Organizations
  • Preferred Provider Organizations
  • Independent Practice Associations
  • Physician Hospital Organizations
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Management Services Organizations
  • Administrative Service Organizations

Additional Considerations for Managed Care E&O

  • Self-insured retention with bordereau reporting available
  • Minimum premium and retentions vary with size of risk
  • Primary and excess available
  • Admitted in select states

Additional Considerations for Management Liability

  • Form designed especially for managed care entities
  • Minimum premium and retentions vary with size of risk
  • Employment Practices Liability available


  • $15 million available for both primary and excess