E&S Physicians

Insurance Solutions Created with Technical Expertise and a Flexible Platform for a Dynamic Healthcare Segment

Our experienced, specialized underwriters and insightful analytical tools provide expert solutions for physician groups, hard-to-place physicians, and freestanding ERP/tail coverage for physicians and physician groups.

Coverage Features

Physician Groups

  • Per physician limits
  • Legal Defense Proceedings coverage
  • Consent to settle with first named insured
  • Extended Reporting coverage for departed physicians
  • Flexible rating approach and design options
  • Data insight and benchmarking
  • Regulatory Billing Errors Proceedings Reimbursement coverage
  • HIPAA Proceedings Reimbursement coverage


  • Claims made broad coverage form
  • Defense outside the limits of liability
  • First dollar coverage available
  • Primary limits
  • Consent to settle

Non-standard Physicians

Those who have been denied coverage, nonrenewed, or canceled, and whose histories include claims, substance abuse, licensing actions, board sanctions, and a variety of other underwriting issues.

  Traditional Broad Form S800 Restrictive Form
Claims made/nonassessable Yes Yes
Incident reporting Allowed Not allowed
Legal expenses Paid in addition to limit Included within the limit
Consent to settle* Required from insured Limited and restricted
Extended Reporting Coverage 1- to 10-year tail options 1-year option**
Locum Tenens coverage 90 days per policy year None**
Deductible options $0 to $100,000 $0 to $100,000
Coverage territory United States State of practice

Available Coverage Enhancements to the S800 Policy

  • Incident reporting
  • Consent to settle* (unrestricted)
  • Legal expense in addition to limit
  • Locum tenens (30 days per policy year)
  • Extended reporting coverage (choice of 1- to 10-year tail options)
  • *Where applicable by law; insured consent subject to peer review process if dispute on Broad Form.
  • **In California, tail options of 1, 5, and 10 years and 30 days of locum tenens coverage are automatically included.
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Eligible Risk Classes

  • Individual physicians
  • Podiatrists
  • Dentists
  • Physician groups
  • Hospital-acquired physician groups


  • Flexible limits starting at $100,000/$300,000 and up

Additional Considerations

  • Broad and restricted forms available
  • Available in most states
  • Shared limits options available
  • Flexible coverage options to meet client needs
  • Flexible deductible options