Specialty Insurance Solutions for Healthcare Organizations


TDC Specialty Premium Accommodations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: We value the trust you place in us to carefully manage resources. TDC Specialty Underwriters, on behalf of its affiliate insurers, will follow applicable federal and state guidelines in adjusting premium payments and policy cancellations due to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 emergency. We will work with you/your broker to ensure there is no break in coverage during the pandemic. If you are unable to make payments due to impacts of the emergency, call us toll-free at (888) 277-3152 or contact your broker to discuss a premium accommodation.

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TDCSU President Paul Romano Provides a Mid-Year Update: When my first child was born, someone said to me, “The months and years will fly by, but the days and nights last forever.” With the first half of 2020 now behind us, that seems to be an appropriate summation of the year thus far. Read more

OmniSure Consulting Group: TDC Specialty Underwriters announces it has joined OmniSure Consulting Group to provide our insureds with the best combination of specialized medical professional liability coverage and clinical risk support. Read more

Renewal Rights Agreement: TDC Specialty Underwriters announces that we have entered into a binding agreement with OneBeacon Insurance Group to purchase the renewal rights to OneBeacon’s Managed Care and Medical Professional Liability books of business. Read more