RLI Collaboration Provides Auto Liability Coverage for Ambulance Risks

New Collaboration With RLI Image.jpg

We have entered into a collaboration with RLI Insurance Company (RLI) for ambulance risks. As part of this collaboration, RLI will consider providing auto liability coverage to eligible TDC Specialty Underwriters (TDCSU) ambulance risks in those states where RLI’s auto coverage is filed and approved.

This collaboration allows each market to focus on its respective strengths in the medical transport space, offering a consistent approach across both companies. The policies are issued separately by each insurer for their line or lines of coverage.

One of the key benefits of this arrangement is that each carrier adds an endorsement to their respective policies aimed at clarifying the loading and unloading (L/UL) exposures presented by these risks, ideally eliminating gaps in coverage that might exist when separate markets write these lines without any such cooperative approach. This co-enhancement benefit is available to insureds who purchase both policies, which provides each carrier assurance that the other is on board with the language of the two endorsements. This added clarity will be beneficial to our mutual insureds as well.

Parameters of the program are as follows:

    • Eligible risks should have an auto fleet comprised of at least 25% ambulances and at least two years of experience.
    • Minimum premiums for each carrier are $15,000 for the PL/GL with TDCSU and $10,000 for the auto with RLI.
    • TDCSU’s coverage offering is non-admitted, while RLI’s is admitted.
    • Each policy is individually underwritten, and must be deemed an acceptable risk by each carrier for the endorsements to be added and remain on the policies.
    • This program is offered in all states except: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York.
    • This program is not offered in the following areas: Cook County, IL; South Florida (South of Lake Okeechobee); and South Texas (South of Houston).
    • This program is offered on a limited basis in Kansas until form is approved.

To learn more about transportation risks and this offering by TDCSU and RLI contact:
Jeff McDonald
SVP, Hospitals & Medical Facilities