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TDC Specialty Underwriters (TDCSU) strives to ensure that information contained on our Web site is current, accurate, and reliable. Factors beyond TDC Specialty Underwriters’ control, however, preclude us from any offer of any warranty or guarantee of any nature concerning the accuracy or reliability of any information contained on our Web site.

The TDC Specialty Underwriters Web site is intended to serve as a resource to physicians, healthcare organizations, and others interested in professional liability insurance. Users of TDC Specialty Underwriters’ Web site are warned that they rely on any information contained on the Web site at their own risk.

All policy provisions are subject to Underwriting approval and may vary from state to state. Information on this Web site should not be construed as a coverage interpretation of the policy in whole or in part. Any actual coverage determination is subject to all of the terms and conditions of the actual policy, endorsements, application, and any actual claims.

By accessing TDC Specialty Underwriters’ Web site, you have directed your system to a computer located in the State of California. Any and all disputes arising from the content of TDC Specialty Underwriters’ Web site are to be governed exclusively by the laws of the State of California, and jurisdiction shall be subject exclusively to courts located within Napa County, California.

Privacy Policy

TDC Specialty Underwriters recognizes the importance of respecting and maintaining the privacy of our applicants and members. In the course of providing you with a wide array of services designed to fulfill your insurance needs, it is necessary for TDC Specialty Underwriters to gather information about you. We assure you that we will take all commercially reasonable steps to safeguard all such information of a confidential nature. TDC Specialty Underwriters will not disclose or use the information except as outlined in this statement.

Although TDC Specialty Underwriters has procedures and technologies in place to protect against unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, because of the current regulatory climate surrounding use of the Internet, as well as the possibility of unintended disclosures caused by third-party negligence or malfeasance, TDC Specialty Underwriters cannot guarantee that information posted on this site will remain confidential at all times. In addition, to the extent you provide or access information on TDC Specialty Underwriters’ system through the use of a password, we encourage you to keep your password confidential and secure, as we cannot be responsible for acts resulting from the unauthorized use of your password.

We must sometimes obtain certain personal and medical information from our applicants and members in order to provide insurance products and services that meet our customers’ needs. Our applications, for example, ask for information regarding any claims made against you in the past and our Claims staff may need medical information to provide claims service. Information we gather about you may be contained in our policy records or in your agent’s files.

We maintain appropriate standards and procedures to protect against unauthorized access to information. We also limit employee access to personal and medical information to those with a business reason to know such information. In addition, we educate our employees regarding the importance of confidentiality of personal and medical information and appropriate measures to enforce privacy responsibilities. TDC Specialty Underwriters will not intentionally disclose any information of a confidential nature to others without your authorization unless the disclosure is necessary to conduct our business of underwriting, administering and servicing insurance policies or unless we are required to disclose the information pursuant to a court order or request from law enforcement or regulatory officials. By utilizing this site, you agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy statement and authorize TDC Specialty Underwriters to collect information about you as outlined above and to use the information for TDC Specialty Underwriters’ business needs relating to your application for coverage or policies of insurance with TDC Specialty Underwriters. In addition, by using this site, you agree to hold TDC Specialty Underwriters harmless for any liability or damage arising from disclosure of confidential information gathered by TDC Specialty Underwriters in connection with your use of this site.

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Third party sites hyperlinked from TDC Specialty Underwriters' Web site may contain cookies that are collected by the third party site owner. These cookies are beyond our control and we do not have access to this information.

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TDC Specialty Underwriters’ Web site content consists of a number of hyperlinks to the sites of third parties. These hyperlinks are provided as a service to our users when the site might contain some pertinent information for our users. The privacy policies of these third party sites, such as the types of information collected and the use of the collected information, is unknown to and beyond the control of TDC Specialty Underwriters.

Copyright Policy

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